Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Some More State Foods-- Part 3

OKLAHOMA--  State Meal: BBQ pork, State Meat: chicken-fried steak, State Treat:  cornbread,  State Dessert: Pecan pie.

PENNSYLVANIA--  State Cookie:  Chocolate chip cookie,  State Candy:  Chocolate  (Not surprised here at all.)

RHODE ISLAND--  State Drink: Coffee milk.

SOUTH CAROLINA--  State Snack Food:  Boiled peanuts  (Double Yuck!!!)

SOUTH DAKOTA--  State Dessert:  Kuchen

TEXAS--  State Dish:  Chili con carne,  State Pastries:  sopaipilla and Strudel,  State Snack: Chips and salsa.

Actually, Every State Should Have State Foods to Emphasize a Food Noted for Their State.  --RoadDog

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