Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Indy 500: 2014 Trip-- Part 1: A Ride On Fairfield Road

May 23, 2014

Drove to Sue and Paul's in Long Lake, Illinois, and boarded their RV and headed out for Indianapolis. Immediately encountered a really bad back up on Fairfield Road in Round Lake at Il-134.  Sue said this happens every day Monday to Friday.  Glad I don't have to face it as this is an intersection I went through for 31 years.  It wasn't that bad back then.

Fairfield Road was a route I took a lot back when Liz's parents were living in Palatine and then, after her father died, her mom moved to Arlington Heights.  It was always Fairfield, to Old McHenry Road to Quentin to US-12.

This is the way we went.  Even with all the increase in population and subdivisions, Fairfield Road is still one great ride.  Lots of hills, fields and just pretty scenery.

They pointed out where a buffalo ranch was, but none were out and about.

There is a big dog park by the intersection of Il-176, east of Wauconda, near the forest preserve and Lake County Historical Museum, home of that huge Kurt Teich postcard collection.


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