Saturday, September 8, 2012

Schaller's Pump-- Part 2

Back in 1881, there were water troughs in the front of the building, built for the horses that carried workers to and from the Union Stock Yards.  Some of the ropes used to tie the horse hangs as decoration in the bar, though painted black.

Prohibition arrived in 1920.  The South Side Brewing Co., next door, tried its hand at "near beer."  All the while, underground tunnels connected the brewery with Schaller's where barrels containing the real stuff rolled along on tracks.  A peep hole was installed, allowing only select customers entrance.

Jack Schaller said, "The government workers (enforcing prohibition) when  they all got through working, they came over here and drank real beer!"

Schaller attended Leo High School for three years before being drafted.  he fought in the Philippines with the 34th Infantry Division during World War II.  On return, he worked at the Pump scrubbing floors, tending bar and cooked in the kitchen wherever needed.

Destroying Beer and Drinking beer.  --RoadDog

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