Thursday, September 20, 2012

Give Me One a Dose $7.99 Steak Dinners-- Part 3

Ronny's opened next to the Oriental Theatre one year before Munic joined them.  The story goes that the original owner wanted a son, but his wife gave birth to a girl so he gave a boy's name to the restaurant at 16 West Randolph Street, calling it Ronny's Steak Palace.  However, it's biggest contribution to Chicago dining was the turkey legs at Taste of Chicago according to Munic.

At one time, there were six Ronnys downtown.  Developers bought the original Ronny's and tore it down.  Ronny's had occupied a building with a Germanic facade where the Eitel Old Heidelberg restaurant, serving German food, had been.

Munic said that every building that was a Ronny's was torn down.  Now, the one at Clark and Lake is the last one.  The reporter asked  why Munic had not retired in 1999.  "And do what?" Munic replied.  "I'm a lousy golfer, I can't play tennis, and I can't really run the marathon anymore."

Another Chicago Legend.  I Imagine Talking to Munic is Like Talking to Schaller.  --RoadDog

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