Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer '12 North Carolina Trip-- Part 6: Cheaper Gas in W.V.

July 11th

Driving through West Virginia now and saw gas posted at $3.37 off I-77.  That is much cheaper than I would have figured to find in the state, which usually is not far behind Illinois when it comes to prices.  Although, I saw it at $3.50 in Charleston.

My overall miles per gallon still increasing steadily as I am driving five miles under the speed limit and paying particular attention to the instant mpg gauge.  By mile marker 81 in the state, the overall was up to 31.9.   It had been 30.9 this morning in Zanesville, Ohio.  When you take all mileage, not just trip in account, that is a nice increase.

Saw a big shock on the West Virginia Turnpike with gas at $3.33.

Got Gas in Wytheville, Virgina, generally one of the lowest you'll find along I-77, for $3.12 a gallon.

Virginia I-77 about MM 13 a sign warns of entering fog advisory area.  The big descent as I call it, begins an MM 7.  Great views out into the valley and can even see Pilot Mountain.  But, those runaway truck lanes up the side of the mountains are a bit frightening, especially when there are a lot of trucks on the road with you (and there usually are a lot).

Into North Carolina.  --RoadDog

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