Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer '12 North Carolina Trip-- Part 7: No Porkchop Sandwich for Me!!

Now in the home state, North Carolina after coming down the mountain and not getting flattened by a runaway truck.  Approaching Andy Griffith's hometown, Mt. Airy.  Gas the lowest of trip, $3.06!!  But had already filled up in Wytheville so didn't get any. 

Tuned into a great classic country station at 98.1 FM, that I had found on a previous trip.  They're playing some songs I haven't heard in a long time.  Ended up keeping the station until east of Winston Salem.

I was getting hungry and thinking about that great pork chop sandwich i was going to get at Snappy Lunch in Mt. Airy (and I was there before they close at 1:30 in the afternoon.  Parked behind Main Street, went to the restaurant and found a piece of paper taped to the door saying they were going to be closed this week.  RATS!!!  All this way and NO pork chop sandwich!!  Kind of defeats the purpose.

Dejected and sad, I wandered the street, looking to see if there was anything in any of the stores relating to Andy Griffith's recent death.  But, nothing, other than a big condolence card people could sign in one of the souvenir stores (and there are a lot of them.  Mt. Airy knows how to cash in on Mayberry.).

The Andy Griffith Playhouse (in his old school) has a replica of the TV Land statue in Raliegh of Andy and Opie down by the old fishing hole and that had a lot of flowers by it.

No pork chop sandwich, but there is a Golden Corral in town, so went there for lunch.  They also have Carolina bbq.

Sated, I'm On My Way.  --RoadDog

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