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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Four Bands, Two Bars, An Old Radio Show, a Fishy Place and Lots of History

Busy day today.

At 9:30 AM,  I went to the Fox Lake Historical Society's monthly meeting where we had a group of old-time radio show people put on three shows.  I was like back when people listened to the radio before the advent of the TV.

Then, it was a perfect day for boating, so went out for the 35th time this season.

At 1:30, it was over to the Spring Grove Fish Hatchery's rededication ceremony.  The village now owns it and has turned it into a park.  At one time, it was the largest hatchery in Illinois and opened in 1914.  The three piece band OCB was performing.

Next, we drove to Wauconda and watched Terry Spizzirri perform on the deck of Dock's, overlooking Bang's Lake.

Then to the Dog N' Suds in Ingleside for a Dixieland jazz band and old car show.  Funny bumper sticker on the way out from there "Leave No Millionaire Behind.  Vote Republican."  Got a chuckle from that.

Last stop was at Captain's Quarters in Antioch for the band "1969,"  playing guess what kind of music.

I'm Wore Clean Out.  --RoadDog

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