Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer '12 North Carolina Trip-- Part 3

Listened to CDs most of the way, but nearing Champaign, Illinois, tuned into WBFT, 90.1 FM which had a blues show.  Then there was the great Americana Music on 98.3, the Whip out of Farmerville, Illinois.

At Mahomet, just west of Champaign, I got off Il-47 and onto I-74 (this is my way of avoiding the Chicago hassle)

I had no problem with the rush hour traffic in Indianapolis.  Took I-70 east into Ohio.  Food note, at Exit 29 in Ohio by Dayton, there is a Skyline Chili place.  Hey, got to have my Cincy chili.

East of there, at one point, I-70 went down to one lane due to construction and I was glad to see trucks in the lane that was to be closed driving slow and forcing the "I'm Too Good to Wait in Line Like the Rest of You Peons SOBs" to get into line with the rest of us peons.  Way to go, guys.  I really hate those line-cutters.

Over all MPG finally got up to 30.9 due to all the interstate, cruise control driving.  I'll be seeing how far I can get it on the trip.

Got as far as Zanesville and checked into the Super 8 on the west side of town.  Mileage driven today was 534.4.

Half Way to NC.  --RoadDog

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