Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Give Me One a Dose $7.99 Steak Dinners-- Part 2

Here's how you get one of the dinners, essentially the same thing as at J&D in Clinton, Iowa.

First line up single file along the counter, select a T-bone or other food item by size and then slide down the counter with your tray.  Next, the cook makes it.  Minute three, your 8-ounce steak arrives with garlic bread, a baked potato that looks like it exploded and a salad.

The lunch steak wouldn't make it at one of those fancy, very-expensive steak houses.  It is USDA Utility, but actually juicy and tender for the most part, unless you get it well done.  Cuts range from 8 to 20 ounces.  Hey, and you can always use some of that house steak sauce if worse comes to worse.

Upwards of 400 steaks come off the grill each day, plus ribs, chicken and pizza.

Herman Munic, 73, is the owner, entered the steakhouse business in the late-1950s when he worked at Tad's which used to be next to the Chicago Theatre where you could get a full dinner for $1.09!!  Ronny's management got him to come to their place in 1964 to run it.

More Steak to Come.  --RoadDog

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