Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's Make It a Battleship Tour

As far as I'm concerned, the United States has never had a more impressive warship than the battleship.  I know, its day has passed and then went to the aircraft carrier and now to the submarine (which is why they are now named after states like the battleships used to be).

We are fortunate that we still have eight battleships and they have all been turned into museums.  Here's where you can see them (and date of commissioning):

USS TEXAS--  (1914)--  Houston, Texas
USS NORTH CAROLINA--  (1941)  Wilmington, North Carolina
USS MASSACHUSETTS--  (1942)  Fall River, Massachusetts
USS ALABAMA--  (1942)--  Mobile, Alabama

USS IOWA--  (1943)--  Los Angeles, California
USS NEW JERSEY--  (1943)--  Camden, New Jersey
USS MISSOURI--  (1944)  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
USS WISCONSIN--  (1944)  Norfolk, Virgina

However, I would have liked to see the Iowa and Wisconsin anchored in their home state.  The Missouri is in a good place as it is anchored just beyond the USS Arizona.  World War II for the U.S. began at Pearl Harbor and, the blowing up of the Arizona was a key moment.  The war ended officially on the deck of the Missouri almost four years later.

I've been to the North Carolina many times.  As a student in North Carolina, I donated coins to bringing it home.  I've seen the Alabama, Missouri, New Jersey and Texas.  I'd like to go on these (might have been on the Texas which clearly is the step between the Spanish-American warships and the WW II behemoths) as well as the three I've never seen.

They Put the "B" in Battle.  --RoadDog

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