Monday, September 24, 2012

Troubling News on Route 66: The Famous Pony Bridge

Ron Warnick's excellent Route 66 News site had two bits of news of special interest to me recently.  One great news, and the other troubling.


Oklahoma has a new 8-year plan for the state's bad bridges, those considered to be in bad shape.  Three are on Route 66:

Captain's Creek Bridge, built 1932, Ok.-668 in Wellston
Timber Creek Bridge, built 1926, northeast of Sayre
Pony Bridge, built 1933, US-282 over the South Canadian River

All of these are recommended for demolition.

The one that is particularly worrisome is the Pony Bridge, I'd say the second most impressive 66 bridge after the Chain of Rocks one near St. Louis.  That is some drive across the 20+ pony bridges.  I'd sure hate to lose it.  In the classic film "The Grapes of Wrath," Grandpa was buried near the west end of the bridge.

Save That Neat, Old Bridge.  --RoadDog

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