Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Got Our Charlie's Yesterday

After checking out of the TraveLodge in Springfield, Illinois, yesterday, we drove over to Charlie Parker's, off Wabash Avenue on North Street.  We had wanted to eat there yesterday, but ended up for repairs at the Chevy dealer.  So today's the day or we'd have to wait awhile to get our Charlie fix.

I figured that at 9:45, we would have missed the breakfast rush and be there before the lunch rush.  They are only open until 2 PM everyday.  Not so, however.  We got the last table in the place.  There was a long table of high school students (wonder why they weren't in school?)  It was quite unseasonably cool outside and rainy, but even so, every single boy had on shorts, most also wearing hoodies.  Dressing up to MTV code, you know.

Despite the crowd, service was quick and the food came right away.  I had to order my breakfast horseshoe and picked sausage to go with the toast, eggs, cheese sauce, gravy and American fries.  Liz got her usual chicken-fried steak breakfast.  Mine was $7 and hers $8.  We both brought a lot home and I just finished mine this morning.

Like they say there, "Eat It and Beat It."  We did.  And began our drive along Route 66 back home.

Done Been Charlie Parkered.  --RoadDog

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