Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rain and Some Sort of a Gas Gouge On the Way Home

Not a great day to drive Route 66 as it rained 230 miles back home.  Still, even a bad weather day on the Mother Road....   I always hate the big trucks on this sort of day because of all the spray they put off.

But, the big story was WHAT-UP GAS.  It was all over the place with prices.  Gas in Springfield, Illinois, when we arrived Friday was $3.58 and had gotten down to $3.54 yesterday.  This morning, we'd been gouged to an astounding $3.80!!!!  That is a 26 cent increase in a minute!!

The stations on the way to Charlie Parker's were all at $3.80.  Driving out of town, we saw $3.54 and $3.80 prices at stations.  Sure glad we had gotten gas Sunday for $3.55.

Gas in Pontiac was $3.70 (and had been $3.44 when we filled up on the way down Saturday.  Gas in Morris was $3.56.  In Yorkville it was $4.16 and $3.60.

Of course, Illinois Highway 47 from Sugar Grove to Woodstock is about the most expensive gas in Illinois, other than in Chicago and suburbs.  We could only expect it to get more expensive and it sure did.

At US-30--  $4.05
Sugar Grove--  $4.03
Elburn--   $4
BP station at 47 and 38 in Elburn (almost always the most expensive on 47)--  $4.12
Huntley--  $4.16
Woodstock--  $4.16

You can always tell how close you are to Chicago by gas prices.  The higher, the closer.

Wonder What This Latest Gouge Was All About?  We'll Probably Never Know. Big Oil keeps Stuff Like That Secret, Along With Their Quarterly Profits. --RoadDog

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