Saturday, April 27, 2013

NC Bound Spring 2013: Coming Home-- Part 1-- Getting My 'Cue.

APRIL 1, 2013

Left Goldsboro, NC, at 8:55 AM with 18,208 in odometer.  Gas in Goldsboro between $3.57 and $3.60.  Driving US-70.

Readout for mpg reading 30.6.

Caught both lights in Princeton, located less than a quarter mile apart.  Made my day.

On I-40 and passed Jones Sausage Road which must have a story about the name.  Sixty-five miles to Raleigh-Durham Airport.

Passed Hillsborough Exit.  Hillsborough is where Confederate General Hardee's son, Willie, was buried after being mortally wounded at the Battle of Bentonville, just hours after the 18-year-old joined the Army.

Gas in Burlington, NC, at $3.53.  I was looking to eat lunch at Hursey's BBQ, a place I've heard a lot about for its great NC 'cue.  And, Ive seen signs advertising it all these years of driving I-40.  I got off one exit too early and had to stop at a gas station to find out where it was.  I was given good direction, even ones that direction-challenged old me could remember.  Usually, after on direction, I'm lost.

A lot of guys won't stop for directions because of pride.  I am a firm believer in stopping for them as I hate driving around when I don't know where I'm going.  I don't like to, though, because I can't remember what they say unless I write it down and there are usually other things the clerk needs to be doing.

Well, That's My Story, Anyway.  --RoadDog

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