Friday, April 5, 2013

Bits of 66: Gas Station-- Billboard and Sign Museum-- Bridge Out

1.  GAS STATION--  From 2-2-13 York (Cal) Daily Record--  The old gas station in Rancho Cucamonga, on the northwest corner of Foothill Boulevard (Rt 66) opened in the 1910s and operated until the 1970s.  A group hopes to restore it and turn it into a must-see stop.

Good luck to them.

2.  BILLBOARD AND SIGN MUSEUM-- From the Oklahoman "Route 66 enthusiasts want a billboard and sign museum in Oklahoma" by Robert Monday.  Want  porcelain and neon signs in Bethany, Oklahoma.  The proposed downtown building is over a hundred years old.  Kathy Anderson wants it to be a destination.

Another great idea and especially with all the towns with the abandoned stores downtown after Route 66 was abandoned.

3.  BRIDGE OUT--  From the 3-25-13 Oklahoman--  The former Route 66 bridge in Sapulpa, Ok., the Rock Creek Bridge, is closed to traffic because of truss damage.  Built in 1921.  Sad to hear this.

Always Good to See Preservation and New Uses.  --RoadDog

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