Thursday, April 4, 2013

Southern Dozen: Twelve of the South's Greatest Motorcycle Rides

From the American Road Magazine.  These tours all start from Johnson City, Tennessee:

The Snake Ride 
Top of the Roan--  106 miles
Places of the Past--  33 miles
8th Wonder of the World-- William Jennings Bryan National Bridge-- 
Music to Your Ears--  44 miles

Spelunker Tour--  30 miles
Long Dam Ride--  138 miles
Vinegar Pie--  134 miles
Mountain Ribbons--  151 miles
East Tennessee History Tour--  31 miles
Howling Wolves, Stars and History--  57 miles
Two Rivers, One Mountain, and Ten Million Trout Eggs--  78 miles

Only, I'd Do It in a Car.  --RoadDog

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