Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming Home-- Part 3: To Galax and the Crooked Road (Music)

Aftersating the need for 'cue, back on I-40.  Took US-421 over to US-52 to Mt. Airy and got off on NC-89 and headed into Virginia with intentions of going to Galax, Virginia.  I'd never heard of the town before, but everytime through this area, I tune into 98.1 FM, playing classic country which broadcasts from there.  They play a lot of the old ones you never get to hear as well as a lot of them that I have never heard of before.

Plus, I found out that Galax is a major center for what they call Crooked Road Music, real Americana stuff and that it is a major stop along the Crooked Road Trail through southwestern Virginia.

As it turned out, getting there was a whole lot of fun.  NC-89 turns into Va-89 and is one of the great drives I've ever driven.  It is also called Skyline Highway, a well-deserved name.  It was up and down, around-and-around, a veritable roller coaster.  Great views around every bend.

Galax is seven miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Another great drive nearby is US-52 from the West Virginia line to Wytheville.

Unfortunately, it was raining when I got to Galax so I wasn't inclined to get out of the car, especially since I didn't see anything connected with Crooked Road Music.  And, I'll say this, there are sure a lot of stoplights.  I did drive by the Rex Theater which has Crooked Road/bluegrass shows Tuesdays, but this was Monday.

I saw a sign for Merle Fest honoring Doc Watson, quite the music hero in these parts which was held in Wilkesboro, NC, the last weekend in April.  Gas in Galax was $3.44, so filled up.

I'll Sure have to Go Back to Galax, Perhaps on a Crooked Road Tour Sometime.  --RoadDog

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