Monday, April 15, 2013

Let's Move Dekalb's Corn Fest Back Downtown

From the Feb. 8, 2013, Dekalb (Ill) Chronicle "Leaders seek permission to close Lincoln Highway for Corn Fest" by David Thomas.

The Dekalb City Council is considering a petition to the state to close downtown Dekalb along the Lincoln Highway between First and Fourth streets from 3  PM August 29 to 9 PM September 1st.

The annual Corn Fest had been held there  for many years  until road work caused it to be moved to the local airport several years where it has been ever since.  We used to go to Corn Fest a lot, but haven't been since they moved it.  Having it downtown just seems right.  All those old buildings and, of course, Lincoln Highway and all that corn.

That Just Seemed Right.  Hope It Goes Back.  --RoadDog

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