Monday, April 8, 2013

NC Bound Spring 2013: March 20th-- Cruising Southeast on US-33 and a West Virginia Shocker

Now heading southeast on US-33, I went through part of the Wayne National Forest and saw its headquarters and museum.  After awhile, the road began running alongside the Hocking River.

As I said earlier, the road is now four lane most of the way and only goes through one town, Nelsonville.  I now plan to take this road a lot and one day will look for the Old 33 as I now like driving that sort of road.

US-33 bypasses Athens, Ohio, home of the University of Ohio (one of NIU's Mid American Conference opponents).  What a view of the town the bypass affords across the river and sitting up on a hill with parkways running along the water.

It is a wide two lane road to the West Virginia line and across a magnificent old bridge, you know, the ones that actually look like a bridge.  Then, a short drive to I-77 by Ripley.


I always fill up with gas in Ohio or Virginia before driving across West Virginia because it is always almost as expensive as the Chicago area.  Gas in Ohio was mostly $3.80 to $3.90.  I was expecting the worst in the Mountaineer State.

Was I ever shocked to see gas at $3.70, even on the Turnpike.

I Can Always Live With Less Expensive Gas.  --RoadDog

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