Monday, April 22, 2013

Done Been "Cozy"-ed, Not "Charlie"-d


Back at the room and recoverng from a Cozy Dog attack of some magnitude.  More on that later.

Today was supposed to be a breakfast at Charlie Parker's and later dinner at the Cozy Dog here in Springfield, Illinois. 

The breakfast was either to be a chicken-fried steak and eggs or breakfast horseshoe.  However, last night, the check engine light came on in the '03 and I sure don't like to mess with that.  Thought it might be from the gas we put in yesterday as occasionally we have problems with the gas cap, but a 10-15 mile drive takes care of it.  We did that today, but no luck.

Took it into Friendly Chevrolet southwest of town and they found it was something to do with the faulty evaporative purge solenoid.  Whatever that is.  Part $41, Labor $152.

We ended up there for a little over two hours which would not give us enough time between breakfast and dinner at the two places, so we decided to skip Charlie's.

Drove over to Cozy Dog.  Their family basket of 4 Cozy Dogs and large fries is still $9.45.  This is way more than enough to fill up two people and I still don't know if I like the fries or dogs better.  I still apply a liberal amount of mustard and plenty of raw onions which to me is still the proper way to eat them.  I did see one woman putting catsup/kethchup on hers.  Yuck!!

Enjoyed reading the state Route 66 magazines as usual.  New Mexico and Missouri have probably the best two of all of them.  Since I belong to the Missouri Route 66 Association, and get their magazines, we were anxious to get copies of New Mexico.  I particularly enjoyed the article on Albuquerque's Bobby Box, a deejay at their oldies stations who has been doing that job all over the country since the 1960s.

Then, there was this tour bus that  pulled in.  More on that my next post.

Now, I Am Too  Full to Do Much Other Than Take a Nap.  --RoadDog

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