Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mile After Magnificent Mile: Illinois

Illinois' Tourism Bureau has "Mile After Magnificent Mile" as its logo.  And, it's true, there sure is a lot to see in Illinois and there is a lot of area to cover as well.  Right now, we are in one of the biggest tourist areas with all that Lincoln stuff as well as seat of the government for the state.  That would be Springfield.

Yesterday, after we had gotten our food, reading material and table at Springfield's Cozy Dog on Sixth Street, the old  Route 66 exiting the town, even when the bypass was built, we saw a tour bus pull into the parking lot and lots of people getting out.  We were sure glad that we had gotten in earlier.

I didn't see anyone wearing any Route 66 stuff, which you often see at the Cozy Dog, but they were all wearing the same sweatshirts and jerseys, so I had to ask.

It turned out that they were a group of people who manned the various state welcome centers along the interstates and they were on a five-day tour of Illinois tourist attractions.  As long as they are pushing the state, it never hurts to have them familiar with it.  Then they can make suggestions.

They were  mighty impressed with the Cozy Dogs, which are made right when you order them, unlike corn dos at your local state and county fairs which have been sitting out for quite awhile.  I imagine the Cozy Dog will get mentioned often at those welcome centers.

Good Idea.  --RoadDog

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