Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Route 66 Makes Front Page of Chicago Tribune-- Part 2

Always nice to make any part of the paper when you need the publicity, but especially the front page and of a major newspaper.The article is continued on page 2 with the headline "Kicks--and kitsch--on Route 66."

There is a picture of the hot dog guy in Atlanta and French tourists by a bus. Then a map of 66 across Illinois and another of its whole length.

UK resident Sonny Dudas, 31, pulled up to the Ambler-Becker gas station in Dwight, Illinois (now a museum and visitor center and said, "In Europe, it's very much the epic American road trip."

Shops in downtown Pontiac (and that beautiful old court house) report a jump in sales. The number of visitors (probably to the Route 66 Museum) has jumped from 6,900 in 2008 to over 15,000 so far this year with folks from 84 countries.

The 1930s Standard Oil Station in nearby Odell not only has a guest register but tourists have started a "Money" board where they pin their currency.

Noted Route 66er John Weiss has spent the last 15 years pushing the road and has written a book "Traveling the New Historic Route 66 of Illinois" which has sold 10,000 copies.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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