Monday, October 24, 2011

Chicago's Route 66 Occupied!!

Saturday, Liz and I went by train from Fox Lake to Chicago's Union Station (on Route 66) as she had an appreciation luncheon at the Union League Club on Jackson Street for her old grade school, Our Lady of Grace. For $7 a ticket for both ways (and good for Sunday as well, that's a hard deal to beat.

We walked from the station to the place which took us by the Chicago Board of Trade Building. Across from it was about a hundred people with banners and beating on an array of drums as part of the Occupy Movement. There were at least 20 police there as well.

I definitely like the movement in that it is time that the guys who wrecked the economy know that there are many like myself, who are mad. The way they've gotten all the government support for their greed might make them think that no one noticed what they did. They need to be held accountable.

When the luncheon ended, we walked back. This time there was a parade going down the north sidewalk of Jackson moving toward the Occupiers. I'd say there were around a hundred in it as well as a small marching band playing what sounded like a dirge of some sort.

I didn't particularly like seeing the Revolution Banner or the placards accusing the police of killing innocent people. Allowing people like that into the protest gives the GRBs who wrecked our economy the opportunity to dismiss the whole thing as a crackpot movement.

There was also a large contingent of Chicago police paralleling the march in the street. But I didn't see any violence or confrontations.

All this reminded Liz and myself of those days back in the late 60s-early 70s when all the anti-war demonstrations were going on. We had quite a bit of it while I was a freshman at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb.

What Did That Guy in the Movie Say, "We're Mad As Hell and We're Not Going to Take It Anymore."? --RoadDog

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