Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going for the Hole in St. Louis (As in Doughnuts)

From the May 10th Chicago Tribune Magazine "St. Louis Specialty: Doughnuts" by Steve Cavendish.

Besides that really tasty fried ravioli, St. Louis is also noted for some really fine places to eat doughnuts, or do you say donuts?

Cavendish says there is nothing fancy about these places, just low brick places that can fir maybe ten customers in at a time. And there are four of them on the southwest side of the city.


THE DONUT STOP offers a "cinnamon gob."

DONUT DRIVE-IN is on old Route 66 (near Ted Drewe's). Good Eats' Alton Brown calls theirs the best doughnuts he's ever had. And, it's on 66 and just had its neon sign redone by the Route 66 Association of Missouri.

We've had donuts from the last place on our way for concretes you-know-where.

Breakfast of Champions: Donuts and Coffee. --RoadDog

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