Monday, October 3, 2011

Where Everything's So Dog-Gone Good-- Part 2

Miller's Dog n Suds is described as a classic 50s style diner with 21st century updates. many local teenagers got their first job carhopping and cooking in the place. All their recipes are the original ones used all those years ago, so you not only get get the feel of back then, but the taste as well.

Featured items are the Texas Burger, Coney Dogs and various versions of the Charcoburger. Then, there are those great shakes, featuring pumpkin ones right now, and, of course, root beer. I always get the 16 ounce root beer, even though larger sizes are available. The 16-ouncer comes in a frosted glass mug and larger in paper cups. It just tastes even better in a glass mug.

They have a picnic area which is great because modern vehicles are not really designed for eating inside, especially any sandwich like theirs which is prone to dripping goodies all over you. However, this time of the year, watch out for pesky stinging insects.

Good Food and Drink in a Retro Setting. --RoadDog

There are also 33 stations you can pull into and order, and even one in the next door Dry Dock Laundromat. So, you can wash and dry your clothes and get a good meal at the same time.

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