Thursday, October 20, 2011

Doin' the Lincoln Crawl-- Part 3: A Look Back

We used to do this back in the day, many years ago, when we were students at Northern Illinois. It is still fun, but we have to be a bit more careful. Those mornings after are just too hard to handle. Plus, there's that DUI thing.

Neither of these were an issue for us back then. Hey, we saved all sorts of money drinking beer, which was 99 cents a six-pack for Old Milwaukee (in those days before light beer). Hey, a six-pack of Coke would set you back $1.49. We were "forced" to drink beer instead of pop at those rates.

Cigarettes were 3 packs for a buck at the Discount Den. Most of us smoked.

Like I said, my fraternity, the Delta Sigs and the AKLs were the ones who "found" Andy's and rescued it from the "townies." next to Andy's was McCabe's which was more for the beautiful people and top fraternities and sororities.

We really liked the 25 cent beer nights at Andy's.

Farther east on Lincoln Highway was the Candlelight right by the railroad tracks. It was a triangular shape and also had free peanuts!!

Farther west of Andy's, on the other side of the street was The Shamrock (now Lord Stanley's) and The Uprising (now Otto's).

But, like I said, we only hung out at Andy's.

Doing the Lincoln Crawl a Whole Bunch of Years Later. --RoadDog

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