Saturday, October 15, 2011

Doing the Lincoln Crawl: Andy's-- Part 1

That is what we call barhopping along the Lincoln Highway in Dekalb, Illinois. We even called it that back many years ago during our college days, even though we had no idea what the Lincoln Highway was all about. To us it was just another road.

However, since our introduction to Route 66 and old roads, we have since become aware.

Once in town, we went to Andy's, our favorite bar in college. It dates to the 1940s in that location, after having originated elsewhere. The building was built sometime in the 1880s. Before my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi, "discovered" it, it was a "townie" bar.

They had cheap booze and some really great bands over the years. As a matter of fact, the Dekalb Footstompers, who we are going to see tonight at Lord Stanley's (a hockey bar) started there back in 1972. Three of the four members are the original ones. Other popular regional bands that got their start there are Mr. Myers (Caribbean Rock) and Howard and the White Boys (blues).

Still Whetting Our Whistle. --RoadDog

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