Friday, October 14, 2011

It's a Homecoming Trip for Us

We're heading back out to Dekalb again this weekend for Northern Illinois' Homecoming against Western Michigan.

For many years, we always went, but, until last year, hadn't been for about ten years.

There will be a parade on Lincoln Highway through downtown Dekalb tomorrow morning and then the Lincoln Crawl as all the bars will be open for alumnae.

We'll be honoring the undefeated 1961 football team at noon, and then there is all the alumnae activity before the 2:30 game.

We'll probably be leaving early from it so we can get seats at the bar at Lord Stanley's (the old Shamrock) on Lincoln Highway in downtown Dekalb.

Local favorites, the Dekalb Footstompers will be playing yet another homecoming show as they have been every year since 1973. They are a four-piece band with drums, guitar and then there are two other instruments you don't usually expect to find in a band: a tuba and an accordion. With instruments like that, how could they be bad?

Obviously, they can do oom-pah music along with rock classics and some of their own slightly risque songs like "NIU Sorority Bitch," "International Polka, "Pissanya," "Baby Face," and "Vasectomy."

Then, there's always the parade they lead when they play "When the Saints Go Marching In." These parades used to go outside onto the sidewalks until the local law said no to that. Wonder why?

Too much fun at a Footstompers show.

Hope We Recover. --RoadDog

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