Saturday, October 8, 2011

Drinkin' Out on the Chain Crawl-- Part 6

Still on Nippersink Lake.


Mexican restaurant near Kamikaze Alley (where Fox Lake becomes Nippersink Lake) so-called because of the heavy boating that goes on through here especially on the weekends.

Great food and famous for their margarita selection. Huge outside deck.

This place used to be Leisure Point


Home of the Minnow Club. Swallow, or "Crunch" one or more minnows to join this one. Great little bar, but over the last five years has been open and closed many times as no one can seem to make a go of it. The Village of Fox Lake has also closed the place because of living conditions in the upstairs apartments.

Was open at the beginning of the Crawl, but closed. Reopened last month.

One More on Nippersink. --RoadDog

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