Monday, October 17, 2011

Doing the Lincoln Crawl-- Part 2: Andy's

Today, Andy's has never looked better inside. The dropped ceilings have been raised, revealing a tin ceiling from around 1900. The whole wall behind the bar has TVs. Even better, the owner says they have the cheapest draft pints in Dekalb, $1.50, as well as bottles at $2.

Sadly, however, they are only open Friday night and Sundays for the Bears games. the owner says that is because he is spending so much time working on McCabe's next door. McCabe's was "The" place to go and be seen by the cool fraternities, sororities and students when we were at Northern and continued so well into the 80s, perhaps even the 90s. That was a big reason the Delta Sigs went to Andy's.

We first talked to the new owner, Bobby, several years ago and he was working on McCabe's back then. That is sure taking a long time. It should be open by now. And, Andy's needs to be open far more than two days.

Bobby did save the neat old Andy's sign that had been over the entrance all those years and was beginning to deteriorate badly. It is now up along the opposite wall from the bar.

However, the men's bathroom is about as bad as it ever was, and that would make it real bad. Liz says the women's bathroom is as bad as ever as well.

Here's Hoping to get Our Andy's Back Full-Time. --RoadDog

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