Friday, October 14, 2011

Looking for the Eagles and Closing Down the Harbor

Tuesday, we went boating and looked for the bald eagles on Ackerman Island in Illinois' Chain of Lakes. The Fun on the Fox website had people reporting eagle sightings in various places, especially around the island.

They had a nest in a copse of trees at the southwest end of the island until that June windstorm knocked down the tree their nest was in. We had seen them in nearby trees, buy haven't seen anything the last month or so.

No eagles in the trees and went around the entire north side of the island, past the closed Port of Blarney (closed evidently on Tuesdays now that the season is over).

Hope we keep them.

Wednesday, we went out again and had the $2 Johnsonville brat and fries special at the Electric Harbor tiki bar on the east shore of Fox Lake. They are closing down entirely until next spring.

How Fast This Boating season came and Went. --RoadDog

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