Monday, October 31, 2011

Too Late Now, Maybe Next Year: Ten Must-See Fall Festivals-- Part 1

From the August 3, 2011 Main Street Site by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell. Photos and more information in article. Wish I had seen it earlier. Dates are when held this year.My comments.

1. COLUMBUS OCTOBERFEST-- Columbus, Ohio-- Sept. 23-25-- Right up my alley. Beer and OOMPAH MUSIC!!

2. FALL FOLIAGE FESTIVAL-- Bedford, Pa.-- 1st two weekends October-- We spend lots of time on Fall Color Patrol.

3. LOVEVOLUTION-- San Francisco-- September 24-- A huge parade and dance. Looking at the performers, I don't think I'd go to this one. More for young folks. Now, if this was a trip back to 1967, I probably would.

4. BOOMSDAY-- Knoxville, Tn.-- Sept. 4-- Biggest fireworks display in the southeast. Maybe see a UT game as well. I love my fireworks.

5. AUTUMN CRAFT FESTIVAL-- Meredith, NH-- Oct. 1-2-- I have to avoid craft fairs. Too many temptations and I've run out of places to put 'em unless we move to a larger house.

More to Come. Sure Sorry I Missed These (Well, Some of Them). --RoadDog

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