Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Out to Dekalb-- Part 2: A Square in Woodstock

October 8th.

We stopped in Woodstock, Illinois, and took a ride around the great old square that was featured in the movie "Groundhog Day." There is usually something going on in it most weekends. Today there was a farmer's market on all four sides of it. Always love the sound of the tires on the bricks as we drive around it.

Glad to see the restaurant in the site of the Tip Top Cafe in the movie was still open. There have been a succession of places in it, none that survived. This one has been there two years now.

Also took a ride out to the house that was the exterior of the movie's Cherry Street Inn. (Interior shots were filmed at a nearby sound stage.) It is now open as a real-life B&B and called the Royal Victorian Manor. (See the next blog entry.) I am no big fan of B&Bs, too expensive, but as a big fan of the movie, I wouldn't mind staying in this one, especially if I could look out the window Bill Murray did when he got up each morning.

The fall color had not peaked in town yet.

"Rise and Shine Happy Campers..." --RoadDog

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