Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Dekalb Footstompers At Lord Stanley's Oct. 15th-- Part 1

Usually I put music on my Down Da Road I Go Blog, but since we saw them on the road, I'll put it here.

This was the 38th straight year that the Footstompers have played for NIU's Homecoming. First, they were at Andy's for many years and now have been at Lord Stanley's ever since. We see the same people year after year as it wouldn't be homecoming without the Stompers.

They are a four-piece band and two have been in it since 1973. Besides a guitar and drums like you'd expect, they also have a tuba and an accordion. Not your typical rock band with those instruments.

Obviously, they play polkas, but also a lot of old rock songs. But, even better, they have their own songs which are generally a bit on the spicy side like "NIU Sorority Bitch," "E-I-E-I-Eat My Shorts" and "Baby Face."

I see that there are now some of their songs on You Tube.

First Set Coming Up. --RoadDog

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