Friday, October 7, 2011

The Tree's Have Started Changin'

I've been enjoying the trees here in northern Illinois as they have really started to change. My birch and honeylocusts are gold right now. Sugar maples are also starting to change.

Plus, we finally got that summer-like weather that we've been expecting. Temps have been in the 70s this week and up to the 80s for the weekend. Been boating every day since Saturday.

Tomorrow, we drive to Dekalb, Illinois, for the Northern Illinois-Kent State game and hope to see color along the way. The old part of Dekalb, just east of campus where one of the old Delta Sig houses was located, Augusta Avenue, has trees that always turn a striking yellow.

Some of the trees along the Chain of Lakes are also changing, but most haven't.

Got in the mood yesterday and put up the Halloween lights and last night, the tarantulas came out for Liz's 'puter. And, of course, the witch with the moving stalk eyes that laughs and cackles, "I'm going to get you my little sweetie!"

Can the Smell of Burning Leaves Be Far Off? --RoadDog

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