Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Roads in DeKalb County in 1915-- Part 1: Good Ol' Fords and a Narrow Escape

From the July 8, 2015,  DeKalb County (Sycamore, Il.) Mid Week

1915:  Among those purchasing Ford automobiles in the past few days: Alderman Jim Johnson of Sycamore, Ernest Swanson who lives on Black farm and James Entwhistle who lives on the Willmarth farm.

NARROW ESCAPE--  F. Eddys and child of DeKalb had a narrow escape.  The steering gear of their automobile broke and the car was thrown on one side of the road and turned over.

He was stunned but remained in the car until a truck came to haul him home.  Some friends passed by and took his wife and child to DeKalb.


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