Saturday, August 8, 2015

Death of Steve Funk

There are two reasons this story is important to me.  Besides the fact that they really have some excellent sirup (spelled their way) and the fact that the last time through there on the Illinois Route 66 Association Motor Tour, they opened our eyes to their maple sirup on ice cream.  You want to talk about something good and unhealthy for you.

But the  main reason is that on our first trip on Route 66 back in 2002 we stopped at Funks Grove after they were closed.  We were getting ready top pull our when Glaida came out and opened their store for us.  If there were any reason we might not get hooked on Route 66, that ended right there.

I'll Take Some Maple Sirup With That 'Nilla Ice Cream.  --RoadDog

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