Saturday, August 1, 2015

News From Along Route 66-- June 2015: Demolition of the Bel-Aire Begins, New Attraction in Atlanta

JUNE 17TH--  The Demolition of Springfield, Illinois' Bel-Aire Motel began.  A while back it was proposed that a Route 66 tourism center be located there, but the city doesn't have enough money.

It is too bad that it came to this, but the motel had decayed so much and had such a bad reputation that it was time to to this.

JUNE 21ST--  Atlanta, Illinois, a town that really knows and pushes its Route 66 heritage, has a new attraction, the "Hit the Road" game modeled on the strongman contest you see at county fairs and boardwalks.  It is located next to the Bunyon statue

You pick up a giant mallet and swing down to see how far you travel up the tower which is 7-feet wide and 16-feet tall.  It shows famous Route 66 landmarks.

Spitting On My hands Right Now.  Gonna Hit That Bell.  --RoadDog

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