Thursday, August 6, 2015

Roads in DeKalb County, Ill. in 1915-- Part 3

From the July 22, 2015, Mid Week "Looking Back."

July 1915, 100 years ago--  The DeKalb Commercial Club has a petition circulating and signed by owners of property near the intersections of the townships of South grove, Mayfield, DeKalb and Malta asking that a hard road be put through from the road leading south from Clare to the hard road in northern DeKalb Township leading to the City of DeKalb.

July 29, 1915--  The new hard road along the edges of the intersection of Malta, South Grove, Mayfield and DeKalb townships will be built, according to the majority vote of the highway commissioners present at the meeting Saturday at the Marvin Zellar place near Sycamore.

The four townships are all adjacent.  The road may be present-day Il-64.

Hook Me Up With That Hard Road.  --RoadDog

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