Monday, August 17, 2015

News From Along the Lincoln Highway-- Part 1 Preston's Station in Iowa

From the June 21, 2015, cedar Rapids Gazette "Iowa All Over: Preston's Station in Belle Plaine still a draw for passing drivers" by Kiran Sood.

Belle Plaine, Iowa.  Mitch Malcolm believes people today are too much in a hurry to get to their destination.  They don't take the time to stray off the interstates and find neat stuff.

Preston's gas station is not operational today.  Doesn't matter, though, as there is no way to drive by it and not look at all that stuff. Some folks might even call it cluttered.

It was built by Frank Fiene in 1912, a year before the Lincoln Highway was dedicated.  It was first located on the original Lincoln Highway route on 21st Street.


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