Monday, August 3, 2015

News From Along Route 66-- June 2015:Problems in Galena, Ks., Thefts at the Gay Parita, Mother Jones Monument Retsored

JUNE 22--  The mayor and the Women on Route 66 are embroiled in indictments.  Mayor Dale Oglesby and six former and current city councilors have been notified that they've been indicted on a felony charge of misuse of public funds in regards to the city's most prominent Route 66 property.

The mayor is pushing for the revitalization of the city's Route 66 District which includes resurfacing the road and streetscaping.  He is actively attracting businesses to the long-decayed Main Street, Route 66.

I sure hope they can solve the problems.  This is a town which seriously needs to upgrade itself.

JUNE 23--  Sad to see that with the death of the owner, the place is not watched much now.  They had thefts at the station.  Really sorry to hear that.

JUNE 24--  The Mother Jones Monument in Mt. Olive, Illinois, has been restored after 88 years and was rededicated on June 20.  She is buried at the Union Miners Cemetery in town, the only union-owned cemetery in the U.S..

She was quite the lady and an avowed supporter of the kmen and women.


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