Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Indy 500-- Part 21: Still Kissing the Bricks and a Replay

Next, the captain and then his Verizon Crew kissed the bricks.  And, they wonder why the 500 winner and crew get sick the next day.  Now the Chevy folks kiss the bricks and now they do the hat dance in Victory Lane.

I can clearly see the Museum Indianapolis Motor Speedway Racing Capital of the World.

A person standing below me suddenly collapses and there are several people standing around him.

I have a mighty hot walk back to the RV at the American Legion Post 500 where we enjoy cocktails and burgers.

I go over to the Legion bar, which is about to close in a couple hours.  Those folks, all volunteers, have put in a hard and long four-five days and they're ready for a break.

While in the bar, I talk with a young couple who took one of those Uber cabs to the speedway earlier today and they are trying to get one back, but with little success.

We spent the night watching the replay of the race on ABC.  It is nice to see the whole thing.


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