Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Indy 500-- Part 20: "Kissing the Bricks"

The other three folks with me left.  I remained in the seats to watch the aftermath.

Helicopters are taking off and flying right above my head, fairly close.  Must be important folks avoiding the congestion.

Montoya has now had three Indy 500 starts and won two times.  Not a bad record.

He "Kissed the Bricks," another Indy tradition.  I am watching this on giant video.  Now his family bends down to "Kiss the Bricks."  it appears the daughter is not too keen to do it, but does anyway.

Still referring to the race as the Greatest Spectacle in Sports.

A person from right below us is up checking our seats for possible seats for next year.  he says he paid $82 for where he was.  That is about $100 less.  Of course, we have a great view of the race from where we sit high up on the catwalk, and, of course, always have cool breezes.  That came in real handy a couple years ago when the other seats were almost unbearable.

We can see all of the first and second turns and part of the beginning of the third ine.


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