Wednesday, August 26, 2015

N.C. Summer Trip, 2015-- Part 9: Andy and the Raleigh-Durham Horror

Full tank of gas, good listening music and an appetite not sated by the few peanuts, I headed for Andy's hometown, M. Airy, North Carolina. That would be in Andy as in Andy Griffith.  He grew up in Mt. Airy which was the basis of his Mayberry.   Unfortunately, Snappy Lunch was closed so no world-famous pork chop sandwich for me.

I went to Walgreen's to buy some murine and got behind a girl who took forever to figure out if she had enough money to buy two cartons of cigarettes.  Then, she tried several credit cards.  And then, after several more minutes reached the conclusion that she didn't have enough cash or credit.  All this sure made my day.

But, the thought of grazing at the local Golden Corral down the road kept me going.  It did not disappoint.  We often wish they'd open one near us at home but probably are glad they haven't.   Way too big of a temptation.

On US-52 now and heading to Winston-Salem.  This will eventually become I-74.  Then US-421 to I-40.  Clear cruising on the 40, but I still have that Raleigh-Durham horror in front of me and iy was getting to be evening rush hour.  Nothing to look forward to but one long, long traffic jam.  It usually starts when I hit RDU Airport, but we started to slow down significantly about five miles west of it.

Syopping Again in Raleigh.  --RoadDog

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