Friday, August 28, 2015

A Trip to Milwaukee-- Part 1: Miller Brewery

AUGUST 18, 2015

A couple weeks earlier, my friend Kip had called me to say that the Lake County Farm Bureau, to which he belongs, was having a bus trip to Milwaukee to visit the three places in the title.  For $55, I figured that was a good deal, so said I'd go.

Met Kip and his wife Susie in Grayslake, Illinois, and then went to the bus at the Farm Bureau headquarters by the old Lake County Fairgrounds.

I always enjoy a trip when someone else does the driving.  Glad to see I-94 construction between the Wisconsin state line and Milwaukee is mostly completed.  This was a big reason we haven't been going to Milwaukee much the last several years.

Our first stop was at the Miller Brewery in what they refer to as Miller Valley.  Miller is my favorite brew company as I especially like Miller Lite and regular Miller (in bottles).  And, as they often point out in the guided walk and preliminary short movie, they have the free samples at the end.


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