Friday, April 24, 2015

Why It Takes So Long to Go On a Trip

Leaving home for a trip is most often later than I desire or want.

And there are a lot of reasons for that.  Many of them my fault, but a few someone else's (who shall go nameless.

One of my biggest problems is that I don't start packing until maybe an hour before I go.  Another reason is chores I need to do around the house, especially watering my inside plants (at anytime) or outside plants during the warmer months.  I have a LOT of inside and outside plants.

Since I don't start packing until shortly before I head out, this usually means that I will have to stop along the way at some point whenever it dawns on me that I left something behind, or I need that something (often a toothbrush or deodorant).

(Shows you are never too old to learn something, I just found out I never knew how to spell deodorant.  All these years I have been spelling it deoderant, but spell check just showed that as incorrect.  Oh, I see, odor as in, remove "de" odor.  Makes sense.   Well, I'll be Niagra Falls.)

Then, there is my other half as far as delays, but at least she plans (even a list) and packs in advance.

What Do You Mean I'm Running Behind Time?  --RoadDog

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