Thursday, June 19, 2014

2014 Route 66 Road Trip: Cruisin' Music-- Part 3: Well Respected Kinks

Like I said, in Sullivan, Missouri, I was hit hard by the $5 bin at Wal-Mart with four oldies CDs.

WELL RESPECTED KINKS by the Kinks of course.  This was actually a Greatest Hits compilation from 1964 and 1965, including, of course, all their biggies from that era as well as four lesser-knowns.    Loved the great old photo of the group from that era on the front, then had interviews with the lads on the back.

The group was formed in London in 1962 by the Davies brothers: Ray and Dave.  Joined by Peter Quaife and Mike Avory.  Kind of the groaty Beatles who appealed to the outsiders at the time.

I did not know that "A Well Respected Man" was not a Top 100 song.  I always thought it was.  Maybe it was just popular here in Chicago.

Other must-listen to, somewhat lesser-known tunes:  ""Where Have All the Good Times Gone,"  "I Gotta Move," "Don't You Fret" and "Wait Till the Summer Comes Along."

Of course, the Biggies:

Till the End of the Day
Set Me Free
Tired of Waiting for You
All day and All of the Night
You Really Got Me

We sure were singing along with a lot of these tunes driving along Route 66 in Missouri.

A Double Trip Back Into Time.  --RoadDog

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