Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chicago's Macy's Clocks Get Paint Job

From the April 16, 2015, Chicago Tribune "'It was time'" Macy's clocks get paint job" by Meredith Rodriguez.

The two iconic cast bronze clocks that are high above the sidewalk at Macy's (the old Marshall Field's) store on Chicago's famed State Street have gotten a long overdue makeover.  The Roman numeral numbers for te hours had gotten so faded they were hard to see.  Now, they aren't.

They are located at the corner of Washington and State and Randolph and State and this is the first makeover in decades.

The clocks are each well over one hundred years old and became famous in 1945 when Norman Rockwell painted a Saturday Evening Post cover of a repairman setting the time according to his pocket watch.

In 2009, the clocks were rewired for a GPS system.  Now, four times a day, satellite technology assures that the wooden hands sweeping across the 46-inch-wide face are on the right numbers.

I must admit, i wasn't too happy when Macy's bought Marshall Fields, but have to admit that they have done a great job keeping those things that made the downtown store special.

You Can Set Your Watch By It.  --RoadDog

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