Monday, April 13, 2015

Route 66 News for February 2015-- Part 1: Wigwamming It 50 Years Later

These are taken from Route 66 News blog site.  These are some that interest me the most.  For the complete story and photos, go to the site.

FEBRUARY 9TH:  Back for a second honeymoon. On Feb. 12, 1955, Roy and Rosemary Avila spent their honeymoon night ar rhe Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino, California.  They enjoyed it so much, they came back.

FEBRUARY  11TH:  The Gasconade Bridge near Hazelgreen in Missouri was closed indefinitely The bridge is 90 years old and showing its age.  Hopefully they will work on it as it is one of those bridges that looks like a bridge.

FEBRUARY 11TH:  The former rose Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma is now connected with the One Hope Ministry.  At least it remains and wasn't torn down.

ALSO, POPS in Arcadia, Oklahoma, is opening a second place north of OKC.  We haven't yet been to the first one and look forward to doing that.  Now we can double our fun like that chewing gum.

ALSO:  A California U.S. Senator is proposing the Mojave Trails national Monument which will include the Old Route 66 from west of needles to west of Ludlow.  Hey. more recognition!!

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