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Saturday, May 3, 2008

North Dakota Names 3 Most-Endangered

The May 2nd Grand Forks Herald reports that Preservation North Dakota has named its Three Most-endangered Historic Properties at it's 15th annual conference held at the International Peace Garden.

They are the"

FLAT IRON BUILDING-- In Minot. Built in the early 20th century and noted for its strange shape. The city has maked it for demolition.

CRYING HILL CEMETERY-- In Mandan. The highest point in the original Mandan village and a sacred spot for several Native American tribes. Threatened by urban expansion.

GRAIN ELEVATORS STATEWIDE-- at one time they were the economic pillars of communities but are now deteriorating because of lack of use.

HONORABLE MENTION--- CAN PILE IN CASSELTON-- Max Taubet opened his Brick House gas station in 1935 and added a small restaurant in 1936. Business was good and he started stacking his used oil cans until it became a big pile. It served as a landmark on the old US-10.

The Brick House special was two burger patties with a large slice of onion and garnished with pickles and mustard.

The new oiwners of the property have given the city until May to move it or they will tear it down. As of yet, the city has not done so.

Save the Can Pile!!! --RoadDog

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